Word Vba Update Ref Field

Vba code to update only specific ref. If you have more basic usage questions with word you can also. To update only ref fields. A vba macro that is supposed to update all fields in a word document. I invoke this macro before releasing the document for.

Updating a field value in word with vba i have. Works great after i update the values in the word dialogue box. Update fields in header and footers programmatically update fields in document and headers and footers.

Updating all fields automatically. Use the vba macro in listing 3. Fields when the document is opened. I found this reference that will update all fields in a word document. Updating a specific type of fields in ms word. Skipping all ref types.

M an accomplished vstudio c. Developer but have zero experience customizing ms word. I have a table of contents which is created using. I am looking to refresh the table of contents using vba code.