Windowstyle Processwindowstyle Hidden Not Working

Ve tried createnowindow. True, useshellexecute. False and windowstyle. T get the dos window to hide. Is really a recommendation for applications, they can choose to ignore it if they way to. S not surprising the word and acrobat ignore this.

01 yes i did, but apparently it doesn. T give the desired effect when the other properties are set as well. I believe that useshellexecute must be true to get the windowstyle to work. Ignore the ms documentation at processwindowstyle enumeration. Which says the exact opposite. It is also possible for an application to be written in such a way that it ignores a style request from the shell.

The code that processes. Windowstyle hidden is therefore executed after the console window is opened hence the flash. To fix this, we would need the equivalent of wscript i. A win32 host application instead of a console host application. Is not an option there, few properly designed windows program honor that request. Since that snookers the user, he can. T get the program activated anymore and can only kill it with task manager.

Not working for pdf. Hi all, ã â i am a newbie to c. I am trying to print multiple pdf and doc files using process component. And i would like to print these document. The utility window is beind dispalyed. Is having no effect whatsoever. Can someone please help me having the same effect as that in the console application.