Uboot Bootz

Excellent explanation. Different from your suggestion, i have modified the on the emmc so that i can boot via network. Using invalid uboot command. Due to a current problem with the unstable debian repositories, it is recommended that you remove the entries from the file after you have installed the cross. Compilation toolchain as described in the chapter.

The universal boot loader wiki website is the main entry point for this bootloader. Debugging tool available on several processors. Is a minimalist computer built for the armv7. More information about this project. The device is not officially supported by the alarm project, i. Please refrain from submitting patches, feature requests or bug reports for it. This article is strongly based on.

This sections assumes you have already installed your favorite xorg based window manager, such as lxde, xfce, kde, gnome, these are packages that need to be installed on top of your selected windows manager and an needed to correctly setup the video interface. Please note as of wednesday, august 15th, this wiki has been set to read only. If you are a ti employee and require edit ability please contact x. From the company directory.