Ubc Unclassified Student Graduate Course

The department of english offers a variety of first. Year english courses. Each of these courses is worth 3 credits. Most faculties require their students to take 6 credits of first. Year english, and a number of faculties require or strongly recommend engl. If you are a current graduate student at another western canadian university, you can take any ubc graduate course via the western deans.

An unclassified student is one who is enrolled for studies not intended to lead to a particular degree or diploma. Unclassified students should have a recognized degree. Unclassified courses that are used to raise a student. S gpa to the minimum level required for admission to a graduate program are not transferable to that graduate program. Fees for unclassified students can be found in the calendar.

Admission as an unclassified student does not guarantee that a student will be able to register for any course offered, nor does it imply future admission as a regular student. Unclassified students may only take graduate courses with the approval of the dean of the faculty of graduate and postdoctoral studies. Unclassified studies. S okanagan campus as an unclassified student is intended for those students who have a previous university degree and want to enroll in courses not intended to lead to a particular ubc degree or diploma.

Unclassified students take courses at ubc after completing a recognized bachelor degree program. Degree students who would wish to register in graduate courses must complete the enrolment of non. Degree student in graduate courses form, which requires a signature of approval by the course instructor.

Unclassified students are students who have completed a bachelor. S degree and who wish to register in selected courses at ubc. An meng student from another university who wishes to register in selected ubc courses for transfer credit to the home university should register as unclassified student. Degree studies provides study options for unclassified, visiting and access studies students studying outside a ubc degree program. Visiting, unclassified, and access studies students are part of non. Degree studies, which is for students taking ubc courses without pursuing a ubc degree.