Sonicone Misonix

The misonix sonicone o. System, now with sonicvac, is an innovative ultrasonic surgical debridement system that allows surgeons to address the challenges chronic wounds present to them, the patient, and the health. Establishes a new standard in surgical wound bed preparation, an essential first step in the wound healing process. Misonix sonicone or with sonicvac october 17, october 17, todaysor it uses ultrasonic frequency of 22. 22, cycles per second. To cause micro cavitation disruption of the unhealthy tissue, as well as suction to aspirate the disrupted tissue away from the wound.

3 preservation of healthy tissue and vital structures the sonicone o. Provides surgeons a safe and effective means of surgical soft and hard tissue. The misonix bonescalpel. Is a novel and unique surgical device in that it offers a gentler osteotomy as compared to standard bone cutting tools.

Das misonix sonicone o. System, jetzt mit sonicvac. Ist ein innovatives chirurgisches debridementmit ultraschallsystem, das chirurgen erlaubt, die chronischen wunden der herausforderungen zu richten, die an sie vorhanden sind, der patient und das gesundheitssystem. Stellt einen neuen standard in der chirurgischen gedrehten bettvorbereitung, einen wesentlichen ersten schritt im wundheilungsprozeß her. Misonix sonicone or chronic, non. Healing, wounds present a large challenge to both the individual and the health care industry. The increased prevalence of diabetes, due to the increase in the average lifespan, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets are key contributing factors to the increase in chronic wounds.

Is engineered to provide powerful and precise ultrasonic aspiration with maximum control and ease. Dynamic tissue response is a combination of internal system responses that combine to preserve nerves and blood vessels while helping to remove tough tissues. Our six month experience with the misonix sonicone or has been most impressive. Clearly, it has specificity in removing only those tissues that appeared to be nonviable. It was very efficient in our experience with nearly 40 patients.

Sonicone plus the misonix sonicone plus is an innovative wound care system designed to address the challenges chronic wounds present to the patient, the healthcare professional and the healthcare system. Utilizes ultrasonic technology in the form of a debridement modality which provides safe and effective removal of all nonviable tissue while safely preserving healthy structures. Distinct debridement techniques often result in inadvertent resection of viable tissue planes. The precision available with the sonicone o. Allows for surgical debridement layer by layer from superficial to deep while protecting underlying viable tissues.