Solaris 10 Sudoers File

Sudoers file does not exist in the box. Please help me configure sudo, how it is possible with out the sudoers file. Configuration solaris sudo solaris. On solaris codetyphon setup request sudo root privileges. Users in the sudoers list are allowed the privileges to run commands and open files as the root user.

I really appreciate all your suggestions. I figured out sudo is already installed in solaris 10. I went into sudoers file under. Etc and added the user. Upto solaris 10, we have to install the sudo packages separately and configure. But in solaris 11 we will get the sudo packages as in built one. In this article, we will understand about the sudo installation and configuration method in detail manner. Sudoers is configuration file for sudo. This file must be edited with the. Let we can see the sudo prerequisites.

After authentication and if the. Sudoers configuration file permits the user access, then the system will invoke the requested command. In this post we will see how to build the source codes of sudo program, downloadable from its homepage. Sudoers file will be read each time when the command is being executed. Adding commands to the existing user. Sudoers file will come into effect immediately.

This file must be edited with the. See the sudoers man page for the details on how to write a sudoers file. Where is the sudoers file in solaris. Is it different between solaris versions. Specifically, 9 and 10.

M working in a lab environment and want to be able to simply and quickly create new users with power like the initial user. With solaris 10, this was straight forward, but solaris 11 adds a couple of twists. No sudo in solaris hi, i. Ve tried to find whether i. Ve been in sudo list or not, but i can. Sudoers files in my solaris box, so what is the file location for sudoers in solaris.

Ve been working on a sudoers file to work with groups in ldap. Ve created the groups in ldap and added the users to there respective groups. Sudoers file contains all the configuration details. The file can only be edited by the root user. When editing this file, use the command. Visudo with no arguments.

Stack exchange network consists of. Qa communities including stack overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Hi, i successfully installed centrify express and joined my solaris 10 x86 server to ad. I am able to limit access to the server using domain security groups.