Rachel Berry Nyada Winter Showcase Performance

Everyone surrounds her as she opens to read. Carmen tibideaux cordially invites rachel berry to the. Winter nyada showcase. Rachel is delightful as everyone applauds her. Back at nyada, rachel is practicing dance in dance. With other students, cassandra july back to instruct them. Glee rachel calls finn after she won the winter showcase 4x09.

Rachel ends up winning the winter showcase, and kurt gets admitted to nyada. Rachel calls finn, who is dejected after having cleared the glee club. S trophies from the choir room and seeing the glee club break up. Brody is seen standing on the sidestage stairs giving rachel a pep. Talk before she goes on. Stage at the nyada winter showcase. Afterwards, he holds her hand and tells her that she will be great. He then steps up the stairs past rachel to leave but she stops him and kisses him. He then asks her what the kiss was for and she explains that she is just going to do things like she.

Rachel gets an invitation to the winter showcase 4x09 glee scenes. Unsubscribe from glee scenes. Subscribe subscribed unsubscribe. Sung by rachel berry. Lea michele in the episode. Season 4 episode 9 o holy night by adolphe adam is featured in swan song, the ninth episode of season four. It is sung by rachel. It is the second part of her. Nyada winter showcase. After her first number, being good isn.

Glee 04x09 rachel berry. T good enough lyrics. For the nyada winter showcase.