Olivia Higginbottom Death Eater

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Olivia higginbottom, actress. Harry potter and the goblet of fire. Olivia higginbottom is an actress, known for harry potter and the goblet of fire. Serien von und mit olivia higginbottom. Olivia higginbottom. Darstellerin in serien.

Unidentified female death eater at little hangleton. Olivia higginbottom is an actress who portrayed the only female arrival present in the graveyard sequence in the film adaptation of harry potter and the goblet of fire. Find great deals on ebay for olivia higginbottom. Shop with confidence.

Ve mentioned in another topic, we probably don. T even know the names of half of the death eaters in the books so odds are there are many female death eaters that harry never meets, notices, or are mentioned to him. I wish jk rowling would. Ve written in a few more of them. Olivia higginbottom death eater. Ashley artus death eater. Alex palmer death eater. Paschal friel death eater. Richard rosson death eater. Roger lloyd pack barty crouch. Sheila allen ministry.