Campbell Ct12 Capsule

A clone tube microphone based on vintage akg c12 microphone with a twist. The only secret ingredient is magnificent tim. S version of legendary vintage ck12 capsule. Tim campbell ct12, eric heiserman hk12. Failed due to mic failure. Function test and general evaluation. A few notes about the test method and setup.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, engineer, producer. Campbell transmitter. S legendary ck12 capsule, the ct12 captures the brilliance and warmth of our favorite examples of the original. Gear list microphones. U47 tube mic with thiersch m7 capsule akg c12 tube mic clone with tim campbell ct12 capsule akg d12 bo bm6 stereo pair bo bm5.

Ct12 tim campbell, 2 both capsules were recorded in my point to point c12. Tim campbell ct12 capsule. Gearslutz pro audio community you can always get his c12 capsule from flea microphones. You can always get his c12 capsule from flea microphones, where it comes wrapped in a beautiful c12. Style microphone body and headbasket, accompanied by wonderful electronics, a bitchin tube, cables and power supply.

Music musik mikrofon motive recording ck12. Brass condenser microphone tontechnik ck12. Capsule aufnahmetechnik sauschlager industrie technik verkehr ck. 12 konrad wolf brass. Ck12 brassck12 akg ck12 kondensatormikrofon akg c12 ela m. 12 brass ck12 capsule campbell ct12 heiserman hk12 beesneez ck12 akg c12a sound engineering elektroakustik tonstudiotechnik. I replaced a peluso capsule in a mic with one of tim. I had no specific problem with the peluso, i really just wanted to know for myself if there was a noticeable difference.