British Sten Gun For Sale

Sten mk4 magazine loader. Original sten mk4 magazine filler. Rusted and may have minor pitting. This is a class iii full auto sten mk ii submachine gun in 9mm. 32 round stick magazines. The gun works fine a for sale by comeauxs gun clinic on gunsamerica.

This british sten gun sling was designed for the sten machine carbine marks ii, iii, and v. Each sling has a steel oval loop at one end and a steel curly fitting at the other. Decoration sten gun mkii, very good condition. Deco, demilled according eu regulation. Item is mark with demilisation stamping. Comes with a demilisation certificat.

Find great deals on ebay for british sten. Shop with confidence. British ww2 machine guns and part sets for sale including the bren medium machine gun, sten gun, lewis gun, lanchester smg, vickers medium machine gun, hotchkiss. Mmg, and sterling smg.

British wwii sten submachine gun trigger guard spare parts sets. Including all internal trigger guard parts with the cover. Will fit sten gun mkii and mkiii. Sten machine gun parts accessories. The sten machine gun was most famously used during ww2 and the korean war by the british and commonwealth armies.

Was a family of british 9 mm submachine guns used extensively by british and commonwealth forces throughout world war ii and the korean war. Wwii british submachine gun sten mkii full metal airsoft electric gun. In the bb guns category for sale in johannesburg.

The british sten gun was effective at close range, cheap, and easy to make, but nearly botched the assassination of one of hitler. We love the sten gun. It was a design born of pure simplicity. The easiest way to bang out an smg in almost no time. From an engineers perspective just admire the grip. A simple cut of welded metal.

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